Interview with Tim

Thomas:What is your name?

Tim:Tim Mcginnes

ThomasOk, where are you from?

Tim:The United States

Thomas:What are one of your personal interests?

Tim:To travel to foreign countries and enjoy the culture

Thomas:This is a more personal question and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. When you were ¬†child, what were your plans for the future and what did you want to become?

Tim:I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot

Espen:That is a pretty cool profession

Thomas:Did you achieve that goal?

Tim:No, I am almost blind(he said with a small chuckle at the end).

Thomas: The second question is, what is your greatest achievement?

Tim:My greatest achievement……..

His friend in the background:Becoming my friend.

Espen and Thomas:Haha

Tim:Probably marrying my wife.

Thomas:Ah, that is a nice answer.

Well that’s all, thank you for the interview.

Tim:You bet, you boys have a nice day.





My second lesson

On 30.08.2016 we had our second lesson in this class. Dave(our teacher) wrote that we were going to do some activities to make us come closer. My expectations were that it would be nice be able to communicate more with my classmates and break the ice.

In this lesson we did different kinds of exercises, during these I felt happy, nervous, exited, little bit afraid and wisecrack.

In this lesson we learned about proverbs, like “don’t cry over spilled milk” which mean that we shouldn’t be mad or upset over something that have already happened. I also learned that this seam like a cool class and that I am much looking forward to spend these English lessons with them.

Espen Bugge Husby